Polyurethane Column Bearing Blocks

Shadco manufactures polyurethane column bearing blocks for cold storage construction such as freezer warehouses.

Specializing in high-strength polyurethane foam manufacturing.

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A column bearing block provides a thermal break between the steel columns and concrete foundation in freezer and refrigerated warehouses and buildings.

We build blocks to your plans and specifications and ship them to your jobsite ready to install. Shadco offers quick response for quotes and shop drawings and we maintain short lead times to assist your construction scheduling. We would appreciate the opportunity to bid on your next project!

Rigid High-Density Closed-Cell Foam

The preferred choice for modern construction. Our method of rigid urethane foam fabrication delivers blocks with exceptional structural, thermal and environmental performance.

  • Available in a variety of densities and compressive values to match your loading requirements.
  • Superior insulation values.
  • Manufactured to your plans and specifications.
  • Anchor bolt holes drilled per plans.
  • Delivered ready for installation.
  • Closed cell formula will not absorb liquid.
  • One piece construction.
  • Environmentally friendly, will not release chemicals.
  • Will not decay.
  • Inert, safe for use near food.
  • Compatible with other building materials.
  • Short response time for quotes and shop drawings.
  • Short lead time.
  • Material data available upon request.
  • We work with building plans, PDF files, CDs, lists or sketches.

Custom Fabrication

Need a custom item manufactured in polyurethane foam? From a single product or component to large quantities, put the Shadco engineers and fabricators to work for you!