Auger Drilling

Auger Drilling / Auger Boring In Western, PA

Shadco, LLC specializes in a variety of excavation techniques such as auger drilling. (Also known as auger boring, or jack and bore) This type of drilling is ideal for being an economical and reliable way to bore under established objects such as highways and railroads. Our project managers will recommend the best way to reach your specific project goals and provide any additional information to get started. 


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Auger drilling, also known as auger boring or jack and bore is a common trenchless tunneling technique used to install pipes and casings in a variety of ground conditions. Auger drilling utilizes a revolving cutting head that is used to cut through and excavate the ground material from the predetermined drilling path. Auger drilling is typically best used for large diameter tunneling that horizontal directional drilling (HDD) cannot handle, or for situations where the ground composition or engineering concerns do not allow for it. 

Because auger drilling does not utilize drilling fluid, it may be better situated for specific drilling applications. Excavating under major highways and railroads is ideal because it reduces the risk of swelling and collapse during the drilling process. It is also ideal for municipality upgrades for sewer and water lines due to the ability to maintain grade control throughout the entire process. 

  • Sewer & Water Lines
  • Drilling under highways
  • Drilling under railroads 

There are 4 main points for auger drilling and tunneling. Entrance & exit pit, cutting head, auger and jacking equipment.

The correct cutting head is selected for the specific project based on ground conditions and hole diameter. Shadco crews will dig an entrance pit where the auger machine and other equipment is set to begin drilling. The rotating cutting head then cuts through the ground at the front of the casing. The hydraulic jacking equipment applies pressure to the casings that allow it to cut through the ground. At the end of the project, all equipment is removed and the pits are filled and returned to their original state. 

  • Capable of deep drilling
  • No drilling liquid required
  • Wide range of bore diameters
  • Cost effective drilling method

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