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Site Work Construction Services In Western, PA

Shadco, LLC. is equipped to handle all aspects of site work including but not limited to earthwork, storm water systems, utilities, erosion control, demolition, site clearing, sub grade prep, grading, and underground retention systems. Every successful build starts with a strong foundation. Our experts have the experience and equipment necessary to get the job done on  time, every time. 


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Before work can begin a site investigation needs to occur, reports made and permits must be acquired. Depending on the project, access roads and parking or staging areas may need constructed. Shadco, LLC. has handled projects both large and small and are well equipped for a fast-pace project. 

The first real step in any project is site clearing and demolition. Trees and other vegetation may need removed, existing buildings and infrastructure will need torn down, and unused underground utilities will need dug up. Our experienced team has the equipment and expertise necessary to complete all aspects of demolition. 

Once the ground has been cleared, the process of grading will begin. Excess rocks and soil are removed to provide a better idea of what the final site will look like, and will give an opportunity to assess any potential drainage issues or obstacles that may slow progress.  

After any issues have been assessed the major excavation effort will begin. Depending on the job, excavation can be a rather intensive job. Basements and foundations need dug, trenches for new utilities and more. Changes in terrain may lead to drainage issues which need addressed as well.


To ensure that your foundation remains sturdy for years to come, proper subgrade stabilization may be necessary. During this process, the soil below the top soil is stabilized so any potential movement is prevented. This protects your investment and is critical to secure your foundation.

Typically the last step in the site work process, all final drainage concerns need addressed and water systems installed. Both residential and commercial structures need fresh water in and waste water out, but equally as important is ensuring that natural water drainage will not damage your building over time.

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Shadco, LLC is dedicated to providing high quality services with a controlled approach to every project to ensure it is completed on time and to the owners satisfaction. 

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