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Hydro Excavating Services In Western, PA

Shadco, LLC specializes in a variety of excavation techniques such as hydro excavation. This type of drilling is ideal for it’s accuracy, ease of use during the winter months and the minimal risk of injury of damage. Our project managers will recomond the best way to reach your specific project goals and provide any additional information to get started. 


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Hydro excavation is the process of removing or moving soil with pressurized water. Once the water breaks up the soil, the soil is then essentially vacuumed out and transferred to a containment tank. This process happens simultaneously and allows for a non-destructive and more accurate way to excavate soil. Our crews typically use this method to uncover existing utility lines and pipe systems with minimal risk of damage.

Hydro excavation is ideal for scenarios where minimal disruption is a focal point for the project. Common applications include:

  • Daylighting 
    • Practice of digging to expose underground utilities
  • Soil trenching
    • Digging narrow trenches to install cables, pipelines, etc. 
  • Pilin hole excavation 
    • Digging holes various diameters and depths to lay all types of pilings
  • Debris removal
  • Cold weather digging

First, Shadco’s hydro excavation crew will use high-pressure water wands to cut through the soil and  soften up the ground. The resulting soil will turn into a watery slush that the crew can then suction out and into the tank of their excavation truck. Once the debris is vacuumed out, the underlying utilities are exposed and can undergo maintenance. A typical hydro excavation truck is a complete self-contained unit with all the equipment being housed on a mobile truck. 

  • Minimal risk of injury or damage
    • Water pressure can cut through the ground and soil while posing minimal risk to crew members, pedestrians and the underground utilities. No sharp metal objects or cutting tools are used in the process. 
  • Accuracy 
    • Operators use handheld pressured wands similar to that of a pressure washer to manually direct the stream of water along the path. Our crews can easily manipulate and adjust in tight spaces with little disruption to the surrounding area. 
  • Use in Winter
    • A key benefit of hydro excavation is the ability to use it during the winter months when the ground freezes. Hot water hydro excavation systems can heat up and soften frozen soil which allows us to continue repairs and maintenance throughout the winter months.

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