Demolition Services in In Western, PA

Commercial demolition requires extensive knowledge of how to safely tear down and dispose of waste materials. Throughout the process, our crews will communicate with the project site to accurately convey each step of the process to ensure efficiency and safety for all crew members. Contact Jason Marshall to find out more information on our demolition construction services for your next project today. 


Jason Marshall

Contact Jason Marshall for information on Auger Drilling projects.

How does the demolition process work?

Auger drilling, also known as auger boring or jack and bore is a common trenchless tunneling technique used to install pipes and casings in a variety of ground conditions. Auger drilling utilizes a revolving cutting head that is used to cut through and excavate the ground material from the predetermined drilling path. Auger drilling is typically best used for large diameter tunneling that horizontal directional drilling (HDD) cannot handle, or for situations where the ground composition or engineering concerns do not allow for it. 

After the initial survey, we will need to identify the location of all utility services routed through the property. Gas, electric, water and sewer lines will be cut off and shutdown prior to any work.

Our crews will arrive on-site with the demolition equipment. Using a variety of tools such as hydraulic equipment, excavators and bulldozers, our team will systematically begin the tear down of the structure. Throughout the process, we will begin the proper disposal of and separation of materials for either waste or recycling purposes.

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