Horizontal Directional Drilling Project

Horizontal Directional Drilling Project Horizontal Directional Drilling | Water Testing Unit Typically from an entry point a boring machine using hollow drill rods and a steerable head excavate a bore path using pressurized water or drilling fluids. A sonde is installed behind the drill head allowing for the locator to establish the location and pitch […]

Auger Bore Drilling

Auger Bore Drilling Project Auger Bore Drilling Under Railroad Tracks Technique to install a casing under roadways, streams, railroad tracks or areas where ground disturbance can not occur. Method consists of a rotating drill head driven by augers inside a steel casing that is jacked into place as the machine advances. Once the bore is […]

Marion Center Waterline Installation

Marion Center Waterline Installation Utilities Pipeline | Waterline Marion Center The Shadco Team works closely with Municipalities and Engineering firms to ensure timely and efficient project completions. On this particular project, over 20 miles of main water line was installed, 430 services, 1500L.F of 16” casing via Auger Boring and 400L.F of 12in Pipe via […]